Friday, June 21, 2013

Train or Be Trained

So Sorella Nef and I are taking on Cagliari together! 

In Charge
I'm really happy that I am staying here.  I had a little moment where I thought I might be transferred and I was really sad about leaving all my friends.  But alas, I have at least six more weeks!  Everyone told me that I would be finishing the training of Sorella Nef, and yet when the call came I still freaked out a little.

I was hoping for some comforting advice like, "President really feels that you are strong enough to do this." or "President received really strong revelation that..."  But no... all I get for comfort is, "First of all, we really have no other choice." haha. Thanks assistants!  

But really--There are SO many greenies and not nearly enough people to train them. There are 14 missionaries on the island and only 3 of them are older in the mission than I am.  

So Long, Cojan!
I was feeling pretty good about it until Sorella Cojan left yesterday.  I was really sad having her leave, more sad than I thought I would be.  

It was weird coming home without her and even weirder leaving that afternoon without her to guide us.  Not going to lie, I almost had a panic attack thinking that I was in charge of the work here in Cagliari.  There is so much to do and we are basically starting over in our teaching pool... again. 

Sorella Nef has been so patient with me and I am so glad that she is here.  She is a lot stronger than I am and she is patient with me while I'm still trying to figure things out.  

I've gained a lot of strength from my prayers.  I am so grateful for the knowledge that as long as I am trying my hardest, Heavenly Father will make up for my many weaknesses.  It's hard because I realize how important this work is and how much I want to be a good missionary.  

Knowing how many weaknesses you have and how often you fail makes it really difficult.  I always thought a mission was just physically demanding, but really it's ALL emotional exhaustion. Ahhh.

Retail Therapy
I'm feeling much better about it today (probably because I went to the Zara), 

But a few extra prayers our way can't hurt.  Like I said, I am so lucky to have Sorella Nef because she is very dedicated to the work and she makes up for a lot of the characteristics that I don't have.  Just check the news occasionally to make sure I haven't burned the city to the ground.

On a much more positive note... we had a really great final week with Sorella Cojan.  Everyone wanted to have us over, and we even were able to meet with some ex-simps and they said they want to start meeting with us again!  Also, all the members had us over for dinner.  Monday I literally ate myself sick.  

We had DDM and since two elders from my district were also leaving, everyone brought food.  Presidente Caravagna surprised us by bringing us food too. THEN we had  FHE with members, and I literally couldn't fit any more food in me.  I felt really rude telling them I couldn't eat any more, but it was physically impossible. It's a rough life.
District with Presidente Caravagna

One of the highlights was last week's p-day.  After I emailed, we met up with the elders and Walter (a member) and two English course students to do a hike to "The Devil's Saddle," which has this INCREDIBLE view of the city and the ocean.  

I took a million pictures but they really can't do it justice.  I've never been so tempted to go cliff diving.  

Doesn't it make you cry I can't get in that water?

No doubt I am coming back to Sardegna after the mission.  They have all these small hidden beaches that you can only get to by boat or by rock climbing down to them.  There is also an old watchtower from the 13th century that they used to look for invaders coming from Africa.  

Sandro took us up.  He is an English course student that lived in Miami for a while.  But he took us on the "path less traveled," which was really, really cool.
Kaitlin and Sandro

Other than that it was just a good week.  We got to visit a lot of the members, which was great for me because now I can remember everyones' names (that's how small the branch is).  I don't have Sorella Cojan to tell me what they are now that she is gone.  

Rafaella, one of my favorite simps that we visited before Slla. Cojan left

Also I am trying to learn piano a little bit for Relief Society.  Apologies to my piano teacher that I fired in middle school... should have stuck with that.

Sounds like life is beautiful in California. Please go to the beach for me... please please please.

With love from Cagliari,
Sorella O'Connor

(Email Sent - June 12, 2013)

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