Friday, August 30, 2013

Tanti Auguri a Mi

Is it weird that I kind of forgot about my birthday? 

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling...
22 that's so weird. I prayed about it and Heavenly Father told me I could listen to the Taylor Swift song on my birthday. jk he didn't.

It's been a good week in Cagliari.  But I always say that. 

Super Stars
Thursday we had ZONE CONFERENCE, which is always so much fun.  Also it rained, so we got to do missionary work in the rain which always makes you feel like a super star (at least when you serve where it doesn't rain every day... it's probably the worst in other places).  

At zone conference they brought us the new english course program that we are implementing here in the mission.  It's really legit.  We are the first non-english speaking mission to use it, and it's designed by the Church.  

The Last Shall Be First
(We may be the last to get iPads, texting, and Facebook, but at least we've got a kickin english course.) 

They have tested it out in America to help immigrants adjust, and so we are the first mission outside of America to start using it.   

Also I had to give a destramental in zone conference about using language study wisely, which was probably a little sign from God that I haven't been using my language study time as well as I should--just a little correction from the big guy.  

The Sorelle of Sardegna

It was also way fun to see all the other missionaries.  We were all a little bummed, though, because we didn't get ANY pictures all together because President had to go to the airport right after and we didn't have time.   

When No News is Bad News
Also the Assistants FORGOT to put together our MAIL!  So we were all pretty let down about that... pazienza.  That's like the best part.  It shouldn't be, but it SO is.  Other than that, it was fun to meet with all the missionaries and just remember that you aren't alone; that you are all working together for the same purpose.

We had different activities every day for the rest of the week.  One of them was this really fun grigliata (BBQ) with the ward at the church!  

It was really fun... we got to play games with the kids and Presidente Caravagna played a ton of songs about California for us and we ate watermelon.  good times.  

Cagliari Ward, Rome Stake
Also, they announced that Cagliari is going to become a WARD next month!  They are organizing a new stake in Rome and Sardegna is going to be a part of it!  So they are holding a big conference in Rome on the 15th of September with Elder Ballard and all the members are flying over.  

(They keep asking if the missionaries get to go too, but we don't think so.. it's too expensive.. and they probably won't broadcast it, so that's weird to miss a Sunday of church on your mission, hah.)
Never Seen Us Before?
Saturday was a WHOLE day of finding with another Mostra at the Bastione.  We met this really cool girl from Pulia and she said she had never seen the missionaries before (even after studying in Rome and living in Sardegna for the summer.. all of which have missionaries).  

We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she said she wants to meet with us before she goes back to school! (and I think she was serious).. also we saw that photo guy there again... he said that he looked at his old pictures and he has MORE photos that he took of me from the Saint Efisio parade..  

Reward System
Also Sorella Nef and I made a goal to have at least 20 GOOD contacts every day (people that we meet on the bus or on the street casa don't count) --even with full days like zone conference and days when there is no one out like Sunday-- and we DID it.  

We are starting a new photo series called "The Streets of Sardegna on Sunday"

 where we just take photos in the "busy" parts of the city when we try to do finding

 and there is literally NO ONE to talk to. 
It's fun.

So we celebrated by watching 17 Miracles (which Presidente Caravagna gave us with Italian subtitles). 

We watched a little Saturday night before bed and a little Sunday night too.  It was SO good.  Neither of us had ever seen it.  It really made us grateful that we are here in Sardegna instead of crossing the plains with no food.  Also it just gives a lot of power to remember that we are helping to move the work of the Lord forward here in Italy.  

It's so beautiful to be a part of a work so big and so important.

Pulling Strings
Sunday no one came to church :( BUT we got to go to PRANZO with the SANNA FAMILY... which is the best.  They are like our own family here in the Cagliari branch.  

Presidente Sanna was just asked to be the First Counselor in the new mission presidency (which is way cool because he is the only Italian in the presidency).  We keep joking with him, trying to get him to pull strings to keep us here for his daughter's wedding (Martina gets married Sat. the 7th and whoever leaves will leave the Tues. before).  

Sorella Sanna said she told President that she'll only let her husband be the counselor if he lets us stay in Cagliari.  Martina said she told President that if he has to take me out then he has to send me to Rome 5 which is the ward that she will move into when she gets married.  

I love love love the members here.

Adele.. my Italian nonna 
(not a simp but a sweet old lady that we visit every once in a while.. 
She told us to tell our moms that she prays for us.. cutie)

Monday we did KINDER EGGS!  My toy was an airplane. so obvious. Everyone thinks I'm going to Rome or Bari.  We will see on Saturday!  So weird--this transfer went by so fast.
Wow, I'm out of time again. Quickly, today was a great pday!  I begged Sorella Nef to go to the botanical gardens here which was so beautiful and reminded me of the Huntington Gardens and then we had lunch at a cafe at the base of the Bastione. perfect.

Giant Ficus Tree at the Botanical Gardens

With love from Cagliari,
Sorella O'Connor

p.s. thanks for the package Mom! and YES I did tell you there were flamingos!  Yeah, there are lots of them.  We see them fly by our apartment sometimes and we see them from the bus too.  I like them.

Love you and thanks for the updates!

(Email Sent - August 28, 2013)

I found the studio of my favorite grafitti artist in Cagliari.. 
totes stopping by with a Book of Mormon later.  It's my DREAM

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