Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Surprise News

Not quite like Queen Bey coming out with a new album...  but Sorella Foster is getting transferred. surprise!!

Advanced English Course saying goodbye to Sorella Foster

President called on Friday and was like "It's time for transfer calls" What? Those were three weeks ago.  One of the sisters is going home mid-transfer to make it home for Christmas so President had to move some things around.  Turns out Sorella Foster's getting the boot and going to Bari the week before Christmas.  

New Companion
My new comp will be Sorella Wiltbank from Arizona, who is actually companions with Sorella Nef!   Sorella Nef said she likes photography and followed my blogs before the mission.

Sorella Wiltbank and Sorella Nef in Palermo

So that's the big news of the week.  It's funny because President  hardly made any changes last transfer because he didn't want to move people before Christmas, and then the WEEK before Christmas he is moving around 8 sisters. 

This week was a pretty busy one. We did two scambis (exchanges) in a row, so I was hardly in my area.  But it was a fun week. 

Put it on the Calendar
We had an INCREDIBLE lesson with Georgia on Monday.. AND SHE HAS A NEW BAP DATE FOR FEB 2nd.  

We decided to focus on following little commandments to give her the faith and strength to follow the big ones.. Soo we did a lesson on the atonement and the spirit was really strong.  

Usually there are a ton of people in our lessons with her, but this week it was just us three.  It was great because she really opened up to us about what has been holding her back and we were able to help her with those issues. 

Just writing about it now and remembering it, I can feel the spirit.  It was probably one of the strongest moments on my mission.  We were all just so happy.  Anyone who walked in would have thought we were crazy because we were all just sitting there smiling and staring at each other.   

I pulled out a mini calendar I happened to have in my bag and said, "Okay Georgia, let's pick your date.  When do you WANT to be ready to be baptized...?" 

We were dancing the whole way home and she said she had never felt happier. 

True Story
So that was the best part of my week. We also got to see my best friend Carol several times.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation and we did a repass lesson of the Restoration and watched the video of Joseph Smith. 

It was really cool because at the end I asked her if she believed that the story was true.  She said she didn't know if it was true, but she believed it was.  She is still praying for a date, but we feel so good.  The members love her and everyone asks,  "WHEN IS SHE GETTING BAPTIZED?"

Carol came with us to the Spanish Steps ... caroling

We had the ward Christmas party this week and it was way fun.  A lot of members brought friends and they did a Christmas skit and we had a dinner together. It was a really fun night and Carol came and brought Brazilian dolci.  

Skit at the ward Christmas party

Here We Come a Caroling
Then on Sunday night we did caroling at the Spanish Steps which was great, but so scary because only six of the missionaries showed up and some tourists.  

One of the tourists was Nicole, whom I met through the Poway boys my sophomore year.  She was just passing through Rome with friends when we announced the caroling in church.  They ended up coming and handing out a ton of pass along cards and even a Book of Mormon.  

It was super fun and we are going to try and do it this week too.  It's funny because the Spanish Steps are right across from all the ritzy stores in Rome.. so people would walk down that street and end up stopping at the stairs to hear us singing Christmas hymns.  

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear".. right,  Will Ferrell?

It's been a super crazy week.  But I'm excited for Christmas. I keep forgetting it's so soon.  
Christmas Lights

I'm still not sure when we are Skyping because I have to wait for my new comp to come and everything and figure out where we can do it because we aren't allowed to do it at members' homes anymore.  I'll call you.  I'll probably email next Monday too.

Thanks for all the updates.  I'm mad Beyonce didn't wait for me to come home.  She knows how much I love her.  I'm excited to see you all on Christmas.  I forgot my planner, so I can't remember what else I want to tell you.. oops. don't tell Pres.

Merry Christmas.

(Email Sent - December 16, 2013)

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