Monday, January 13, 2014

Transfers and Real Missionary Work

Transfer week is always crazy here in Rome 2.  Every time they tell us they don't need our help with transfers, but we know that really means that they do.  This time it was a scambio with the 3 Italian greenies that came in early from the Spain MTC.  

Real Work
President asked us to show them what REAL missionary work is like.. So of course I planned a three-hour afternoon of finding in the park and on public transportation.  Sorella Wiltbank took one of the sisters and I took the two others to my favorite park and there was NO ONE THERE. Literally no one. Like 3 people who were all running. 

I was like, okay, let's go do finding somewhere else...  They really wanted to go knocking doors, which in Italy means standing outside ringing doorbells and having people reject you over a speaker. So I said, "Okay, why not?"  But we get to the first apartment building and the doorwoman kicks us out.  "OKAY, let's go do something ELSE"... 

Hide the Fear
So we tried street finding and these poor greenies have never stopped a person in their lives.  I remember having that same fear in my eyes.. and Italians smell fear.  So that didn't go over well.  

We just kept trying different things until lunch time, and I was disappointed because I had all these big plans for them.  I thought we were going to find great new investigators and the new missionaries were going to get to teach people and none of that really happened. 

I was sad thinking President was going to ask them how it went and they would tell him that they just got rejected a lot... 

but then I thought.. "Well, he did ask us to show them what REAL missionary work is like."  

At least they got what he wanted:  a lot of rejection and getting kicked out and things like that--a real day of missionary work.  

Singing with the new sorelle at the Villa

I loved it because it just showed me personally how much I have grown.  And they were cute and told me I spoke good Italian and they were really sad when we left.  It was also fun because President asked us to stay at the Villa with them and we got to take a GOOD shower instead of our terrible, moldy sit-down shower. Yeah, I won't get into details. 

Tanti Auguri a Te
Also it was SORELLA WILTBANK'S BIRTHDAY.  So we threw her a little surprise party after DDM and we had cake and sang and things. It was fun. I felt bad that we couldn't do anything else special because we had the scambio that day with the greenies, but at least we got dinner and a nice night at the Villa instead. 

Transfers always make me sad because even if WE don't get transferred, our favorite elders do.  But luckily, we still have a good group here in Rome.  Carol was sad because Anziano Prieto got transferred and we thought for sure he would stay because its his last transfer.  They are both from Brazil and I like when they speak in Portuguese. 

Anziano Kasper and Luca

Things are going really great with Luca, the boy we met on the bus the other week. He gets along really well with the anziani, so we are going to have them start teaching him.

We also got to see Giorgia this week and SHE CAME TO CHURCH.  I'm really hoping she will pull through for her baptismal date on Feb 1st.  She has a two-month break from work, so it's been nice because she can come to church and we can see her more often. 

It's just been a crazy long week here in Rome 2. I'm really happy to be staying at least until the middle of Feb.  We are having three baptisms on our part and two more on the anziani's part in the next couple of weeks. 

 Teaching English Course with the anziani

Significant Obedience
I've been doing a lot of studying because we have Zone conference next week, and I have to do an addestramento on obedience.  It's been a really good topic for me.  Just from reading the scriptures and conference talks I've really seen how obedience is just how we show our love and our faith for the Lord.  

Just like Elder Bednar said, the blessings of obedience are usually subtle but significant.  The blessings that come from obedience are added strength, peace, love, endurance, and the ability to change our own circumstances instead of waiting for the Lord to change them for us.  

We did a special fast yesterday for our investigators, and it was really hard because we fasted all day until 7:00, and as a missionary THAT IS HARD.  But I saw that added strength and that added peace and just an added spirit. Subtle but significant blessings.  

And on top of that Carol got answers to her prayers, and that was the best reward.  Fasting for others is so much more meaningful and much more rewarding. 

This mission thing isn't so bad. 

With Love from Rome,
Sorella O'Connor

(Email Sent - January 13, 2014)

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