Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Eternal City

Another beautiful week in my favorite city. 

Monday we spent p-day with Carol.  She took us to all the secret sites of Rome and it was beautiful. 

We also stopped and got white hot chocolate with pistachio on a little island off of the river Tevere. 

This is just my life.

Then afterwards we did an FHE with the "Gans" at Rome 2. It's crazy to see how much our Gans (Giovani adulti non sposati - Young Adults) has grown since I've been here.  When I first got here we had NO young adults in the ward. Now we have 2 recent Gans baptisms and more on the way!  

At the activity Luca said "I hope to be baptized as soon as possible" CHE FORTE! He has a bap date for the first of March, and the best news about that is:  I'LL BE HERE FOR IT.. 

Stay... just a little bit longer
Yeah, jokes on you guys.  I'm STAYING in Rome 2 with Sorella Wiltbank.  

Bet you didn't see that one coming.. It was the big upset of transfer call predictions (upset as in the sports term, not as in I'm upset about it because I'm SO not).  So yeah, basically everyone thought I was leaving so I was sad all week but mentally prepared for transfer calls.  

When the assistants told us we were staying together, I thought they were playing a really mean joke.

 We paid them with kinder chocolate to call us FIRST thing in the morning, so we were super shocked all day long trying to figure out if they were playing a mean joke. 

They know how much I love Rome 2.  

But alas, they were telling the truth.  Holler -- going on 7 months in Rome 2.  Hope they aren't sick of me yet. 

Just a thought:  How about a transfer to Budapest to be comps with Fresh Nover?

Stood Up
Communique: We just got a lot of stand-up appointments this week. we counted. 13 appointments scheduled that fell through. that's a lot. so we did a lot of finding this week. 

We also did another scambio where I went to Rome 1 with Sorella Williams.. We were pretty happy because it looked like the rain had passed, so we might have forgotten umbrellas and then an hour later found ourselves seeking shelter under bushes with a scarves over our heads... 
It rained so much the river flooded the streets

BUT after the storm passed and we stopped back home for 15 min to blow dry ourselves off (because if you don't the Italians will SCOLD you for getting colpa d'aria and dying).  

We saw the most BEAUTIFUL rainbow.  I can't even tell you. Italian skies.. It's just another world.  

We were on the bus that night and the bus got stuck trying to go down this little street because there was a car parked in a wrong part of the road... 

All the Italians started honking and getting mad at the bus driver and he was trying to pass but couldn't go either direction... so he opened the bus doors to try and pass, giving the car space to go inside of the bus thinking it would give him more room.. 

But then he was even more stuck and couldn't close the bus doors... The people behind were really mad and started pounding on all the windows telling everyone to get off the bus.. 

We were sitting there like "WHY?

I'll tell you why:  because they wanted us help MOVE THE CAR with their bare hands... yes. They just picked up the car and moved it out of the way. 

& I thought.. "Yeah, this doesn't really happen in America." 

And that why I love Italy:  because things like that just happen here and no one is phased by it. 

Temple View
Thursday I headed back to Rome 2 and we went to visit a member who has the best view of the temple. 

 As we were walking to her house, we saw this lady walking her dog looking towards the temple.. 

So I thought, "WE HAVE TO GO TALK TO HER!"  

So we asked "Hey, do you know what that building is?

and she said "I heard it's a Mormon temple"

 and we said "Yeah in fact it is, we are actually Mormon missionaries, can we meet some day to tell you about that building?"  

She said "Yes" and we got her number. 

Meet Cute
Wouldn't that be the coolest baptism "how I met the missionaries" story?  I used to think about cute couple first-meeting stories, but now I'm all about the missionary meet cute.  

ALSO that same night Sorella Wiltbank met this girl on the bus and she started heading towards our house with us.  She said she just moved here and she is from a really small town in Brazil.. 

So we asked where.. and she replied that "No one ever knows where it is.

.. just guess.. one guess.. yes.   Belo Horizonte.  

DALLIN:  all these people you missed have to come to ITALY to get baptized now.. Thanks though, I love my Brazilians. Anyway, so we got her number and we are hoping to start teaching her with Carol because they are from the same neighborhood. talk about destiny. 

Missionary Be Mine
Friday I almost forgot it was Valentine's Day.  We had English Course and everyone was sad--because those who came to English course were there because they didn't have dates.  Holidays just don't really exist as a missionary. sad but true. 

Valentine's Day Pizza

Saturday we got 3 canceled appointments so we did FINDING ALL DAY.  We also thought we saw our investigator Simon pass us in his car and flash his lights at us.  He pulled over so we ran to see him.. but it was just a creepy old man who offered us a ride home. 

no thanks. 

Also Sorella Wiltbank and I tell everyone we are twins. The Italians love it. 

Getting (too) Comfortable
So that's about it this week. ANOTHER TRANSFER IN ROMA 2. I'm really happy because I love everything about it here.. but I'm also afraid that I'm getting too comfortable.. 

Sorella Wiltbank and I are trying to figure out how to push ourselves and work harder.. usually the Lord gives us trials for that.. like crazy members, no investigators, hard companions.. lots of things.. 

but Roma 2 is like the celestial kingdom of missionary work so we are struggling to know how we can push ourselves to be more dedicated and try harder.. I only have 4 transfers left so I really don't want to be wasting any time. 

Anyway, times up!  Happy Valentines Day! 

"Rome, you will remain eternal within me"

With love from Rome (eternally),

Sorella O'Connor 

(Email Sent - February 17, 2014)

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