Monday, May 12, 2014

Feels Like I Just Talked To You

Skyping with the Sorelle on Mother's Day!!

I don't know how much time I have today, I want to try and get back on at the church later, but for now I only have a minute and wanted to send you a quick letter with things that happened this week. 

So without further adieu. 


Boat Tour

Gave a Book of Mormon to the guy who makes our timbro. 

Stopped two old ladies on the street and they were headed to the hospital to see their mother who was in bad condition.  They were waiting for one of their husbands to pick them up and we got to talk to them for a minute and give them some comforting words.  

Really sweet experience because in the last training, Elder Kearon talked about Christ-like love in action and being true Christians. 


Finding. English course. stopping by the plant guy. correlation. finding. 


Scambio in Ragusa.. welcomed at the station by a really drunk guy who kissed our hands and then grabbed my head to try and kiss me.. but because he was so drunk it was an easy dodge.  When the sorelle came to pick us up with a member, the guy followed us to the car and tried to get in.  

The member was so scared she took us to gelato to calm down.  Not a scary drunk man, but she said she has never seen anyone like that in Ragusa her whole life. I believe it.  Most tranquillo city ever. 
We just attract all the crazies.

They don't have extra beds, so we broke the rules and tried to share the same twin beds pushed together.. Slla Rossell and I tried to share a pillow.. best friends. 


Rest of our scambio in Ragusa.  We did finding and walked to Ibla:  the most beautiful city I've seen on my mission. look it up. 

Got my camera stolen on the ride back which is really unfortunate mostly because it had a PRICELESS video of an English course student who wrote a song for me.. 

"Sorella O'CONNOR I LOVE YOU.  YOU ARE WELCOME.."  Pretty good. 

Talking about English course students, one of them asked me if I wanted him to scratch my arm with his creepy long thumb nail.  I asked why he only kept his thumbnail long.. "work" he said. 


I called every bus driver in Siracusa to see if anyone had found a red camera. no luck.  But I made lots of new friends and all the bus drivers know me as the stupid American who got her camera stolen and thought someone would be nice enough to turn it in. 

We made two appointments with students from English course who said they would be interested to meet with us! Miracles.


Miracle Morning.  We stopped by this sweet less-active sister and when we got there she cried and told us she had been praying for someone to talk to.  

As soon as we walked in she said "I know, I have to go to church tomorrow".  

It was a really touching experience because we just wanted to stop in and share a thought with her, and she had just been praying for help.  

She was so moved to know that we had planned to go visit her and that we had walked all the way to her house to go see her. The next day she came to church and told all the members what we had done. 

We taught Giusy and Luigi about eternal marriage. (You met them on Skype!  Giusy is the lady who sat in the back and watched the whole time and Luigi is the man that tried to speak English to you.)

They are getting married but have to wait until he can get a job.  The lesson turned into them talking about why they loved each other. so sweet. 

Then that night, Slla W was really sad after her Skype call, so I told her I would go buy her gelato and let her cry (because it's better than going home to cry).  

It was another miracle because we started teaching the lady at the new gelato place we found. gelato finding.. mmm my favorite.


We got a new investigator!  One of the members referred us her friend from Romania who is going through a rough time.  She invited us to go meet her in the park and we had a really sweet lesson and she said she wants to meet with us!  

Then I talked to you guys.  

Then we went and saw Anna Maria and she cried because we started singing to her for Mother's Day and she was so happy. She is the sweeeeetest old lady and I love her. We are really hoping that she can get ready for her baptism at the end of the month. but she is still having a hard time quitting smoking.

THEN on the way home we took the long way because we had time and I wanted to see the ocean.

When we got to the lookout point, we just sat for a minute to watch the moon over the ocean before turning home.. 

As we started to leave, Sorella W turned and said she wanted to talk to this lady who was there too. 

So we turned around to talk to her and she started venting about all her problems and doubts because the bible has been changed and some churches change doctrines to fit with what they want and basically teaches US the apostasy.. 

Sad thing is is that whenever I tried to teach her about the restoration, she would interrupt and talk about her doubts again.. and mostly just her sadness because she feels really alone. 

So we decided the best thing to do was just to show her some love because she didn't feel very loved.

We walked her home and invited her to meet with us, she wouldn't give us her number, but I have a feeling she will be back. It was a really cool experience

The Lord is preparing people! and we are finally starting to find them! The work is really picking up here. It's going to be a good week. 

I'll probably get back on at the end of pday to finish my time and write a couple more people.  So write me or something :)

Vi Voglio Bene

With love from Siracusa,
Sorella O'Connor

(Email Sent - May 12, 2014)

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