Monday, June 9, 2014

More Than We Realize

Long week of conferences this week. good for missionaries, bad for missionary work. 

We had zone conference in Siracusa this transfer because the chapel in Catania is under construction so that was really fun. The Messina sorelle missed their train so they got to stay an extra night and I got to do another scambio with Sorella Wiltbank. 

We NEED each other. 

We had a huge miracle!    

We taught English course together and there are these two students that I just KNOW are ready but I've had a hard time setting up an appointment with them. Well, we finished the lesson and shared our spiritual thought.  

How Can You "Know"?
One of the students asked how I can always say that "I KNOW" these things.. which turned into our English course class all staying late and hearing me tell my personal conversion story.  One of the members was there and he told HIS story and everyone was crying and the spirit was really strong.

I got to talk to the two students afterwards and one of them told me that she is really interested in meeting with us and she loved the spiritual thoughts.. The other told me she has seen a huge change in her life since she started coming to our church and she has secretly been reading the Book of Mormon and she loves it... 

It was the biggest miracle of my time here in Siracusa. 

More Than We Realize
It was a huge testimony to me that God IS still guiding this work and he is doing so much more than we realize. I went home and just said the biggest gratitude prayer. I want SO badly to share this message, but it's so frustrating when you can't find anyone that wants to listen. So that is my miracle from the week.

We also had a stake conference Saturday night which really just means ALL the members in Sicilia got together and I got to see all the missionaries.  People think it's funny to say their "goodbyes" to me and I don't think it's funny.

Also Uchtdorf and his cute wife and Neil Andersen and Linda Reeves all talked about missionary work at stake conference (broadcasted from Switzerland).  It was a great week. 

The Reeves, Andersons, Uchtdorfs, and Texieras at the Swiss Temple
for the broadcasted conference.

Elder and Sister Uchtdorf at the construction site for the Rome Temple.

The Uchtdorfs greeting some of the Italian youth.

(photos from

Sorry so short today, Mom, but I don't like this keyboard.  

Also Carol told me that the GANS got interviewed for a video... How cool is that? Look out for it.  

Also it's hard to think because these loud Italian ragazzi are yelllllling behind me.

Vi voglio bene.

With love from Siracusa,

Sorella O'Connor 

(Countdown:  T - 8 Weeks!! 7 emails. 2 Fast Sundays. 1 Transfer Day.)

(Email Sent - June 9, 2014)

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