Friday, May 17, 2013

Errands of the Lord and Good Gelato

Ciao Ciao, 

But I want to tell you a little bit about this week because it was SO GREAT! 

So we picked up our new greenie on Thursday!  Her name is Sorella Nef and she was in the MTC with Paige.  
Paige and Sorella Nef

She told me Paige was her best friend in the MTC.  She's really nice. 

Threesome: Cojan - Nef - O'Connor

It's been a little weird getting used to having three missionaries. 

I feel it's pretty intimidating to have all of us on the bus together haha and when people walk past us on the street they hear: 
"Buon Giorno
"Buon Giorno
"Buon Giorno

Usually I'm in the back (not surprised are you?) and so I've become accustomed to just smiling and nodding because its just overkill any other way. 
We ran into my favorite English Course student on the bus and she demanded we take a picture... that's why its so blurry.  She kept petting my face and saying "bellina."

The great thing is now we don't have to give ALL our male investigators to the anziani!  It's really hard to find members to come to appointments with us, but with three sisters we can have solo appointments with men. 

So it's really perfect because we got this great new investigator from English course! 

His name is FELICE. Which means happy. Which is really fitting because I'm always so happy to meet with him. 

We've had two lessons with him already and he is really sensitive to the spirit and he loves reading the Book of Mormon. He is really open and I think that he is so ready for this.  It's really exciting to be meeting someone who is so touched by your teachings and is really excited to know more. 

Also, we have ANOTHER new investigator named Claudia!  She is great too!  She is an ex-investigator that we found doing area book one day.  She had no number or address in the book, but I saw a note from a sister who is serving in Rome right now, so we were able to call her and figure out where we could find Claudia's number.  

We got a hold of Claudia and she said she would love to start meeting with us again!  We had an appointment with her and she is also really ready and really prepared. 

She had already come to church in the past and had a great experience but her boss was a little disaproving.  Because work is so hard to find here in Cagliari (like impossible), it's really hard for people to put anything above the work priority.  

But we had our first lesson with her, and it went really well.  We talked about the Book of Mormon and she had some really good questions that we are going to talk about next time. 

Lost and Found
Not only with that, we've had a lot of cool experiences finding members this week.  There was Christina who we had tried to look for a couple of times and she was never home, and then last week we were able to visit her!   She is the cutest.  

It was such a treat to talk in English again and about American things.  (Christina is American and married to an Italian.)

I felt really bad though, because Sorella Cojan felt really left out of the conversation because she doesn't get American culture... So I have to work on that, especially since we have two Americans in our companionship now.  

Anyways, Christina was great and we are going back for lunch next week!  It was cool because she bore her testimony (in a roundabout way) about how the morals she learned as a child have really added to her life. 

Also, today we ran into another less active we had been looking for and she just stopped us at the bus stop and asked when the church was open.. we were like.. "umm what?" It was seriously perfect. 

I love being a missionary. It's definitely the hardest thing I'VE EVER DONE.. but I realize more and more every day that this is more than just my work or our work.  We are doing the errand of the Lord.  

When you see the miracles he gives you and the way that he provides for your needs, you realize that you are only doing a tiny, itty-bitty piece in this work.  But I'm grateful that I have this tiny piece here in Cagliari. 

I love these people...even when they don't love me just as much, hah.  

The other day we went to dinner at a member's house, and he just stood up and spent like five whole minutes thanking us for the work we are doing.  It's great to have examples like that; to think that I'm searching for the next Walter or Pierre Luigi (the two members at dinner).  

That's what keeps you going... and really good gelato. 

With love from Calgiari,
Sorella OConnor

May 4th:  Ashley and Ryan's Wedding, and Dad's Birthday
This was my saddest day, but also the day we saw tons of miracles. I kept joking that Heavenly Father was going to bless us a ton that day because he knew how sad I was going to be and he pulled through! 

These guys are called "Floppys"
Italy is OBSESSED with the Lakers haha, so I'm at home here. 
Anyways... Laker Floppy with a Book of Mormon

(Email Sent - May 8, 2013)

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