Monday, July 7, 2014

All Roads Lead Back

You know it's a bad sign when you get an unexpected call from President. At least that's what I told him when he called me and then he said, "Can't I do anything right?

We joked and I breathed a sigh of relief because he said there would be no changes.. yet. 

Then later that night at 10:30 I get another call from President where he tells me I'm getting transferred four weeks before the end of my mission! 

Yeah I was too. 

I started bawling on the phone and poor President, who had never heard me cry, just says 
"Are you happy? or sad? or shocked?" 

Thursday morning they told me I had to leave that NIGHT and I cried again.  Sorella Pace made me call back and tell them it was IMPOSSIBLE because it literally is impossible to get all my things packed and find a way to Catania that NIGHT and a lot of other things... so they let me stay until Saturday morning. 

Goodbye to Anna Maria

Goodbye to the English Course students

I cried for two days straight... but now that I'm in Ostia I feel a lot better about it. 

I love my new companion Sorella Price, from Springville Utah.. We did scambio in Ragusa together and she is really great.. Also I'm in Ostia, which is the beach city of Rome, so I'm still by the beach... 

My Purpose
But it was really hard for me to leave Sicilia. I know I was there for only 3 months and it was REALLY hard for me at the beginning, but I put SO much into that city and last week was SUCH a good week and we were seeing so many miracles and starting to see progression and then I got the call to leave.

So now I only have 4 weeks to fall in love with Ostia and find my purpose here and fulfill it. 

A sorella in Taranto fell off a castle and broke her foot and had to go home... so President prayed about it and felt that Sorella Bair (from Ostia) needed her place and that I needed to take the spot in Ostia..  

He told me to pray about it and get confirmation that it was the Lord's will.. but all the Lord told me was, 

"I'm really sorry, I know you love it here.. but it's the only logical thing because you are in three"... 

So at least I know that Lord feels a little sorry for me. 

So that's the news. I got the package you sent me, Mom, my last day with the peanut butter and other random things I still haven't figured out.. but anything else you sent I told Sorella Pace to bring it up to Rome when she comes up to "die" with me. 

It's been a crazyyy week. 

Stay Forever
We met Enza and Emanuele on Monday night and they fell in LOVE with Sorella Pace.. 

They asked us if we would like to stay in Italy or go back to America and Sorella Pace said she wanted to stay which somehow turned into them telling her they have a room reserved for her and she is just going to stay with them forever... 

and then when she told them she HAD to go back to finish school they were crushed. 

It was really funny because we were TRYING to teach the lesson but it kept going off topic because Enza would be like, 

"Wait.. where will you work?" or "Do you know how to cook?" At least they love her because I was worried about me AND Williams leaving with all of our new investigators.. 

Hard to Say
Some of them took it REALLY hard.. like Adriana. 

We just held each other and cried.. but because I got to stay an extra day we were able to do some pass off lessons to the other sisters. Adriana is doing really well.. and I think she will be able to be baptized as soon as she finds a job that doesn't make her work on Sunday. 

Wednesday was one of the best days of my mission (until we got the call).. we have been working a lot with the youth in Siracusa, helping them get prepared for missions and things. 

Davide (left) and the other ragazzi

One of my favorite youths, Davide, just turned 19.  They invited us over Wed. because it was his birthday.. it ended up being just his family and the missionaries invited hah.  

I got to share my feelings about my mission and how it has blessed my life.  It was a great opportunity to bear my testimony and also dance with his 75 year old mother who is the funniest Sicilian lady.


our version of "stars and stripes"

We had a ward party on Friday for the 4th of July so at least I got to say goodbye to some of the members.. but at the party my camera broke so I hardly have any pictures with the Siracusa members.. but I'm trying not to complain because at least I got to say goodbye.  It was really hard. Hard on them too.. we all cried. 

Naomi and Eveline

Alessandra and Mary

English Course students at the party

The Zombra girls


Sorella Reali  

Nicoli taking down all of our little decorations

A little Like America
But Ostia is treating me well. It reminds me a lot of Southern California actually.. like the beach here looks more like Newport Beach and we have a smart phone and all the lessons I've taught here have been in English... so our theory is that God is trying to lessen my culture shock by sending me to Rome for the last few weeks. 

We are contacting all of Sorella Pace's old investigators because she served here. The ward was all really nice to me and very welcoming. I'm trying to not tell anyone I'll only be here for 4 weeks though. 

It's weird being back in Rome. I never thought I would make it back here.. Like being on the metro and seeing public buses again.  It's a different world.  But I'm happy and I'm working HARD.  

Sorella Price and I want to give it our all this transfer. So I'm not crying about Sicilia anymore and I'm really happy to be here. 

So that's it with me. 

Vi Voglio Bene Bene 
With love from ROME,

Sorella O'Connor
(Email Sent - July 7, 2014)

Countdown:  T - 4 Weeks

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