Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Love for June Paige

I cant wait told hold baby JP <3 she is so beautiful. 

I don't even know what to say anymore in my letters. 

We did missionary work. It was great. I love it. 

English Course:
Claudio, our investigator; Michele, whom we taught the Word of Wisdom and he told us he hears voices; Mr. Meloni who is Sard and we talk to each other in Sard.

Home on the Range
I am a range of emotions all the time. I see Americans on the metro and I think they are loud and weird. And then I remember I'm going to America really soon. 

We are working really hard. Giuliano didn't get baptized this week.... sad. But we are working on another baptismal date soon.. We are working on getting Valentina ready for August 2nd. 

We have a really sweet new investigator named Eva.. She is 16 and her mom is an inactive member. We love her and she loves the gospel and wants to get baptized as soon as she gets permission. 

Monday we went to Rome to see Carol!!  

And then we had an FHE with the youth (aka our investigators and their friends) 

Roma 2
Tuesday we have our DDMs, which I love because we get to go to the Rome 2 church/the office for DDM and I get to see all my friends.  This week I saw Vescovo Teodosi and Fratello Canzachi.. two of my favorite members... I talked to Sorella Nef about being able to do a scambi in Rome 2 before I leave... so I'm praying for that... 

Not Forgotten
It's fun to see Rome members because sometimes they forget that I left... two of them that I have seen started to talk to me about referrals and fixing our apartment and I had to remind them both that I'm not in Rome 2 anymore. I love that.  

Also we have the funniest/strangest district... and an Italian DL so I got to give the training this week in Italian and we do everything in Italian... which I love because I love speaking Italian. 

Running into the assistants at a beach party in Ostia after curfew...

THEN our simp. Giuliano took us to get ice cream/talk about his baptism at this fancy restaurant right on the beach... perks. 

Wed. we had a lesson with Eva and her sisters/cousins... It was so sweet. I love teaching the younger girls because they all have this sensitivity to the spirit and the desire to be baptized.. 

Member Missionaries
Teaching them reminded me of when Farryn started taking the discussions at our house and made me happy to think that I could be helping one of them follow the path she chose to follow. 

Then this week to see the pictures of her with her brand new baby girl and happy eternal family... I was just really happy. It just reinforced how LITTLE we do as missionaries and how MUCH the Lord does in guiding our individual paths as we choose to follow him. 

Perfect Night
That night we went to dinner at the stake president's house to talk to them about missionary work. It was such a perfect night.. He told us their story of how he went inactive at 16 and then when he was in his early 30s, living with his girlfriend they had one son and she was pregnant with their second.  

She (the girlfriend) went over to a friend's house (who were members) while the missionaries were there.. She came home and told him and they decided that he would go back to church and she would start talking the discussions... 

He had never even told her that he was a member.. and now he is the stake president... it was a really beautiful opportunity to talk about the importance of member missionary work and eat really good Italian foods... baked eggplant and red peppers. 

Friday we taught the Law of Chastity.. 

Saturday a Ukranian member invited us over and then gave us facials because she said we needed it... 

so we talked to her about member missionary work while letting our masks dry and eating panetone. 

We did finding. We met with Claudio, one of our investigators, and he bought us pizza at a Chinese restaurant... (the sad things about Rome... pizza should be made by Italians)

Zepole the size of your head

Sunday we met again with Eva and the girls and did more finding... met a family from New Mexico here for a karate tournament. 

At church I got told off by a 4-year-old little girl. Like I have never had my feelings hurt so badly by anyone on the street... but this 4-year-old.. man. 

and that's about it. 

goooood week. It's going so fast. We also went to the African camp, but I didn't get a cool dress like Paige. 

I like Ostia. It's a cool place. 

trees in the middle of the road

you are never too far from the mafia

plants on the balconies

So without further ado...

With love from Ostia,

Sorella O'Connor 

(Email Sent - July 21, 2014)

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